How to Open EPUB Files on iPhone and iPad

What can we do if we want to open an EPUB file in IOS, while the format is not indentified? Let me introduce a beautiful EPUB reader, Neat Reader, which can easily open EPUB files in IOS system.

In three simple steps, you can totally solve the epub format problem.


Visit the Neat Reader's official website Great EPUB Reader - Neat Reader to download the IOS client, or to search for "Neat Reader" in App Store to install:



The second step is to add EPUB books to the bookshelf.


Neat Reader offers two ways to import books, online transfer or WIFI transfer, to easily transfer books from computers to your devices.

Online transfer refers to the transfer of books from the computer to the mobile phone.

First, login to, upload the EPUB file and get the fetch code.

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Then, enter the fetch code in the mobile phone to extract the book to the mobile phone bookshelf.


WIFI transfer refers to the transfer of books from the computer to the mobile phone by connecting to the same WIFI. You need to use the computer browser to access the address indicated in the mobile app, and then import the books to be delivered, the books will be quickly transferred from the computer to the mobile app.



The third step is to start reading when the book is imported.


Neat Reader APP also supports personalized functions such as adjusting font size, changing background color, taking notes and adding bookmarks. It is a professional EPUB reading software. Neat Reader is permanently free to download and register. If you pay for the premium, you can also support multi-terminal synchronization of books and more powerful personalized reading functions. Come and have a try!